So long (for now) from Sulia

This is a sad time for all of us who worked so hard on this platform for these last five years, especially because of all of the great friendships we made with the members of the Sulia community.

Our goal was to organize the best content from the best sources in thousands of categories, and we did it well. In fact, there were many many things that Sulia did better than any other platform. But we learned that those things weren't popular or lucrative enough for it to succeed as a business. That's often the way it is with startups.

There is a small possibility that Sulia will one day be reborn, probably in a different form. If you're interested in discussing that, send an email to info@sulia.com.

To all of you who shared your time, your ideas and your passions, thank you. To our brilliant contributors, and marketers, and anyone, anywhere who ever took a moment to send us feedback, thank you. To our team, our investors and our advisers who stood by our mission and our dream, thank you.

The Sulia Team

ps. If you'd like to have your personal data deleted, please email us at info@sulia.com. We will take care of it immediately.